Custom Labelled Bottled Water

Posted by NuScene ID Promotions on July 1, 2009


Just when you thought there were no more clever, creative and affordable ways to promote your brand and get your message in the hands (and on the lips) of your customers.. along comes..

Custom Labelled Bottled Water.

Go ahead, look around - how many people do you see carrying their own bottle of water. Quite a few, aren't there? And they no doubt have generic labels. Promoting someone else's message or brand!
Everyone today knows the health benefits of drinking more water, so consider all the creative ways you can tap this army of walking billboards.
As a promotional product, advertising medium, brand development tool or fundraising product, bottled water is a unique low cost high impact product .
We supply Premium Pure Distilled  water which  sits at the top end of the water market. It is NOT Spring Water.
We can provide the ONLY  Custom Labelled Bottled Water operation to be able to offer bottling in WA, VIC and NSW - our service and production is national, so no matter where your event is we can produce and deliver locally.
Production is 10-15 working days from art approval.
Rush Orders attract a surcharge.

We offer the FIRST CHOICE in quality custom bottled water.

custom bottled water - information

Posted by NuScene ID Promotions on July 9, 2008

Minimum order:       240 units
Carton QTY:             24 units per case
Carton Weight:      16kg
Carton Dimensions: 430mm L  290mm W x 230mm H
Pallet Info:              50 cartons per pallet