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Posted by our Promotions on July 1, 2009

A wide selection of gourmet meals are available. With the more being added to the range all the time!

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What is so extraordinary about our Gourmet meals?
Our Gourmet meals are just like home cooked meals with quality all natural ingredients. Indeed some of our lines are presented in International Hotels via in-house restaurants and room service. The meals are pre-cooked and have an unrefrigerated shelf life of up to 18 months. To enjoy this delicious gourmet meal you need only heat the meal in the microwave or boiling water for a few minutes then serve.

Is the food fully cooked?
Yes, it definitely is. As part of this unique process the food is fully cooked to perfection.
What is this “unique process”?
All fresh unprocessed food has a limited amount of good and bad bacteria, moulds and fungus present no matter where it comes from or how it is prepared. Food also contains enzymes that generate chemical reactions within the food. During home cooking, many of these are killed off, but not all and this is why home cooking will eventually spoil. To a limited degree this degeneration can be slowed by refrigeration and suspended by freezing as surviving bugs grow very slowly at low temperatures.
Our Gourmet, like most businesses, keeps its actual process secret.
Having said this, we can say that the meals are cooked in the “Gourmet Intelligence Pouch” at such a high temperature and pressure that all harmful bacteria, moulds etc are killed. In other words the food is sterilised. This means that all the microorganisms are killed or controlled using heat and pressure. No viable organism survives the process. In the food industry this is known as “commercially sterile”.
Why don’t our Gourmet meals require refrigeration?
You will recall that we sterilise the foods while it is in the “Intelligence Pouch”. The pouches are unique in that they can withstand very high temperatures and pressure at almost the same barrier quality as a can is able to. This combined with the sterilisation means that the food does not require refrigeration.
How does the food last so long without refrigeration?
The food has a shelf life of up to 18 months because it has been sterilized and packaged in our unique pouch.
The enzymes that break down food are disabled due to the heating process. All microbes are killed and the high quality barrier of the intelligence pouch protects the food from outside contamination, a little like a can yet much more convenient. Provided that the product is kept in a reasonably cool (22Deg C) dark environment it will still be good in 18 months from manufacture.
Because we strive to be as natural as possible you may find that some colours do fade late in a products life. This is due to natural chemical reactions in the food over time. We could overcome this with additives however we choose to keep this to a minimum.
Has the food been irradiated?
Are there any special additives or ingredients in the food to prolong the shelf life?
No. There is absolutely no additives used to ensure longer shelf life.
The process is natural but some of the sauces that we use do have additives in them as part of their production. The additives are no different to many sauces in most people’s pantries. 
Check the our Gourmet meal label or ‘Our Meals’ page of this website for complete details of the ingredients and nutritional information.
Are our Gourmet meals only available online?
Our Gourmet meals are available not only through this website but through a select group of quality retails. Visit our Retailers page for a complete list..

How are my gourmet meals delivered?
All our Gourmet meals are delivered via Australia Post and courier services.
How quickly will I receive my Gourmet meals?
You will receive your our Gourmet meals with 48 business hours of ordering.
How can I make my Gourmet meal go further?
our Gourmet meals are a fantastic meal by themselves but if you want to get more bang for your buck, then just add some of your favourite vegetables or serve with rice, pasta or bread. (Serve at home and your guests will never know you didn’t spend hours in the kitchen preparing a fantastic home cooked meal.)
Are our Gourmet meals only available in single portion pouches?
At this stage the meals are only available in single serving portion pouches. However, we are looking to make larger family and commercially viable portions available. Please contact us if you are interested in larger packs.
Can I become a Gourmet retailer?
We’d love to expand our retail network and make our Gourmet meals available to even more consumers. To become a Gourmet retailer please contact us. Details can be found on our Contact Us page.
Where are the Gourmet meals made?
our Gourmet meals are manufactured and packaged in Melbourne, Australia. All ingredients are also sourced and supplied from within Australia.
Is the company Australian owned?
The company is 100% Australian owned and operated. This means all profits stay in Australia and support the Australian economy.

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